I have a query about my order or delivery – who do I call?

Please call our customer support team on 01384 441789.

What is H-2-Snow’s postal address?

To contact H-2-Snow by post:

12b Market Street

What is H-2-Snow's email address?

To contact H-2-Snow by email:


Using the website

Who do I contact about technical problems?

If you have any technical problems when using the website, please contact us by email at: sales@h-2-snow.co.uk

What is the best browser to use to browse the H-2-Snow website?

This website is designed to be used with the market-leading browsers. If you are experiencing difficulties with the browser that you usually use, please contact us by email at: sales@h-2-snow.co.uk

What are cookies and how are they used by the H-2-Snow website?

Many websites store details about users using small data files known as “cookies”. When you first visit a website, a cookie holding details about your visit – your shopping preferences for example – is downloaded to your computer. When you next visit the site, the website checks the cookie on your computer, updates the cookie data as necessary, and uses the information to tailor the website to you, with the aim of improving your shopping experience. You will need to enable cookies in your browser in order to use the H-2-snow website. Please check your browser help for details about enabling cookies.

Orders and payment How do I place an order?

First of all, select the item(s) that you wish to purchase, then click 'Add to basket' to display the shopping cart showing the item(s) selected. When you are ready to place your order, make sure that you accept our terms and conditions, and then click 'make payment'. The order is then processed and you are prompted to enter your payment details.

How do I pay?

You pay for the items by entering your credit, charge or debit card details on the Worldpay secure website and then clicking to submit your payment. The full price for the item(s) including the delivery charge is charged to your card.

Who can I talk to about an order?

If you have a query about your order, you can call us on 01384 378476 , or email us on sales@h-2-snow.co.uk.

When will I receive order confirmation?

Once you have placed your order and entered your payment details, an email will be sent to you to confirm that the order details have been received.

How do I cancel an order?

Please note that, for hygiene reasons, you cannot cancel orders for underwear and socks. To cancel an order, you must do so by notifying us in writing or by email within seven working days from the date that you receive the goods. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.


See our delivery information page for full details on delivery charges and delivery times. 


When can I return goods?

You can return goods: 

a) when you cancel an order – please return goods as soon as possible 

b) if an item is not of satisfactory quality or not as described - please let us know within 7 working days of receipt and return the item within 14 days of purchase and indicate whether you want an exchange or a refund

c) when an item is faulty - please contact us within 7 days of receipt of goods on 01384 441789

Where do I return goods?

Please return goods to:

H-2-Snow Ltd
12b Market Street

Returned goods must be sent at your own cost and risk.

How do I get a refund?

We will re-credit your credit, charge or debit card for the full amount, as soon as possible, provided that the goods in question are received by us in the same condition that they were delivered to you.