No matter whether you are thinking about purchasing your first family tent ahead of a summer holiday in the Lake District, or are perhaps getting ready for a trip around the world and want something small and light to add to slip into your rucksack, H-2 Snow has just the thing. Our tents come in a range of styles and sizes  


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F10 HELIUM UL 1 Person Tent £235.00

F10 HELIUM UL 2 Person Tent £270.00

F10 MTN 2 Person Expedition Tent £600.00

F10 XENON UL 2+ Tent 2 Persons £380.00

F10 XPD 3 Person Expedition Tent £695.00

On Sale


On Sale

Highlander Loch Lomond Beach Shelter £15.00

On Sale

Highlander Yukon 4 Person Tent £45.00

Vango Halo Pro 300 3 Person Tent £250.00

Vango Nemesis Pro 300 3 Person Tent £300.00

Vango Omega 250 2 Person Tent £220.00